Webinar Tool Resource List

An online events and conferences platform that also lets you host webinars and sell tickets to events.
My favorite webinar software. EasyWebinar is great because it handles evergreen webinars and timezone management better than any other webinar tool out there. It comes with a WordPress plugin that helps in setting it up on a WordPress site. It has a mobile app and it’s very reliable. Best of all, the team behind it is very supportive and they publish constantly to help their users get the most out of the tool which is something that you don’t see very often. Many influencers use EasyWebinae (e.g. Jay Shetty and Melyssa Griffin).
An up and comming webinar tool with great features at an affordable price. Worth checking out.
WebinarNinja had some stability issues when it came out but has improved a lot in the past two years.
A new platform with evergreen webinar features, however it’s not as stable as the others on this list and suffers from some video quality issues.
BigMarker is a solid Webinar platform, and also supports virtual summits and conferences.
One of the older tried and tested tools on the market.
A tool strictly focused on implementing ever-green webinars (from the same provider of WebinarJam.
Zoom has a free version that comes with a lot of limitation.
A popular platform that comes with limitations.

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