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Points of view and articles on the business of software.

Advantages of a Python Based Web Stack
An article about the advantages of using a Python stack to build web applications.

How To Find The Right Tech Business Partners
[Published on Medium] Finding the right tech business partners can be one of the most difficult tasks for an entrepreneur. Here are some archetypes to watch out for.

Should Entrepreneurs Learn How To Code?
[Published on Medium] To code or not to code. It’s the modern tech entrepreneur’s dilemma. Here’s what I think based on my experience of starting a tech company.

No One Wants Another App
[Published on Medium] These days everyone wants to build software apps like it’s the new gold rush. But what does everyone miss when building apps?

How To Learn Coding Fast
[Published on Medium] The one secret that revealed to me how to learn coding fast even if it seemed complicated and impossible.

The Ultra Light Startup
[Published on Medium] What makes a tech startup different from a regular business? Here are the differences based on my experience with startups and investors.

Why Does Enterprise Software Suck?
[Published on Medium] The User Experience (UX) of any software application is paramount. So why do we see horrible UX in most enterprise business applications? And how come vendors can get away with charging millions for software that is excruciating to use?