Video Marketing Resource List

Dubb is a video communication tool for sales teams to better connect with customers. I like Dubb because it’s feature rich and it works well. The Chrome extension makes it more accessable when I need it. It also offers powerful automations and white label capabilities to match your company branding. Share videos or screencasts in emails from your mobile or desktop. This app is a gamechanger for online marketing.
Communicate with coworkers and customers more effectively with shareable screen recordings. Use CloudApp to easily get your point across by recording your screen or annotating screenshots. A great alternative to Dubb.
Quickpage lets you close sales faster with personalized webpages that are shared by email and text.
A competitor to Dubb.
WarmWelcome specializes in embeding videos in emails and creating video widgets on websites. A great marketing and sales tool.
Go live once, stream to multiple channels simultaneously (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc) so you can get more eyeballs on your video streams.

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