The Best Video Editing Tools in 2020

What They Do

It’s next to impossible to run an online business without any video tools. Webinars, Product Launches, Livestreams, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Workshops, Digital Courses.

They all depend on video. But there is more…

There are some little known tools that are coming up on the market that let you do a lot more than what you thought possible with video and set you miles ahead of your competition. In this post, I go over some of these new tools.

How They Fit In Your Online Business

These tools fit in 2 places of your end-to-end online business.

  1. Offer Stage: You can deliver your offers using video. Digital courses, and webinar-based workshops are just a few examples.
  2. Funnel Stage: You can use video on your different funnel pages to deliver a sales pitch, upsell or a thank you message when someone buys.
  3. Marketing and Optimization Stage: There are many innovations in using video for marketing (e.g. Dubb) is one example that is doing some groundbreaking work.

Why I Like These Tools

They make it much easier and enjoyable to run your online business. They also empower you with some clever marketing abilities to your arsenal.

If I had to pick only one tool in this category:

A new way to deliver video. Share videos or screencasts in emails from your mobile or desktop. This app is a gamechanger for online marketing and everyone with an online business needs it.

More video tools to check…

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