Video Conferencing Resource List

Video conferencing tools are different than webinar tools in that they are made for one to one meetings and support small team conferences whereas webinar tools are one to many. Here are some of the ones I recommend:

A conferencing tool that features integrated scheduling and persistent video conference rooms that make it easy for people to re-join meetings using the same link. It also lets users upload files to the meeting room and supports screen sharing and annotations. It also suports paid bookings.
Meetfox is my favorite conferencing tool and probably one of the best for consultants because it has everything to enable them to quickly monetize their services online with a whitelable scheduling widget to embed on any website and a native integration with Stripe.
An online events and conferences platform (free aqnd paid). If you’re running online events you need this. It’s a Zoom killer app.
Zoom is popular because of the free tier. It’s easy to use if you have to set up a quick meeting. However there are better alternatives out there especially if you want to monetize your meetings and events.

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