A Path To Uniqueness

When it comes to creating knowledge and expertise products online, many of us starting out in this space get a sense of uneasiness and question what makes us qualified in the first place to teach and train others in a particular area of expertise.

This is something that I struggled with for some time as I have a segment of people who I want to serve, but I’ve always got stuck with that dreaded yet familiar thought “how do I help them, when I don’t have things figured out myself?” Not to mention that I never even dared to pretend to be an authority on any subject.

However, this all changed overnight when I adopted a different mindset.


To get over that hurdle and get past it as quickly as possible it’s important to adopt the following mindset:

“I’m not publishing because I know everything about this topic, I’m publishing because I’m obsessed with this topic.”

This changes everything. Because now I don’t have to figure out how to position myself as an authority on the topic anymore and I’m not comparing myself to others either.

I’m simply someone who loves a certain subject enough to want to share everything I discover about it with the world. And that makes things seem much lighter to me. Authenticity is very important and it’s at the center of our uniqueness.


Whether you’re a business coach, a motivational speaker or an artist, you need to shift focus to your process:

“It’s much more fruitful to talk about my process than about the actual advice I “think” I should be giving.”

I’m only highlighting my experience, and bringing forth how I do things into the spotlight which is ultimately what differentiates me from everyone else.

For example, if I were a fiction writer, I might post on how I would lay out my ideas and structure my acts. I can share the routine I use to get my creativity juices flowing and avoid writer’s block. And this routine may be different from any other writer.

This makes it easier to post content consistently because I am just documenting what I’m doing. I’m not trying to be a guru or pretend to know more than I actually do or more than anyone else in fact.


We don’t stop here. The final piece is to bring to our unique experience to the mix.

“It’s my experience, especially my experience in doing things the wrong way, that has taught me the most.”

My joy and enthusiasm, when sharing, comes from the trial and error. From the discovery process.


Ultimately this approach will resonate with others who would eventually start to follow how I do things and be interested in what I’m doing.

Combining the passion and authenticity that we have for a certain subject with our unique processes, and the unique experience that we accumulated from continuous trial and error as we’re figuring things out will highlight to our community in real-time our path to mastery, which is exactly what our audience needs from us and what will turn them into true fans.

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