The Best Tools To Sell Digital Products

These tools help you sell digital products (although most of them also let you sell physical products). They provide a way to collect payments online and offer something to download in return.

They are different from the full-fledged online stores in the sense that they focus only on the shopping cart of the process.

The reason I prefer shopping carts over all-in-one online stores is because they provide you with full freedom to sell on your existing website, blog, social media account, you name it.

Plug & Paid
My vote goes to Digital Product delivery. It’s a new entry in this market but has most of what you will need if you are starting off. It is also much cheaper than ThriveCart with is the gold standard of Shopping Carts.
Digital Product Deliver
Sell and deliver digital products. Simple to use and limited on functionality.
Sell and deliver digital products. Optimized for content creators. What I like about it is that you can seamlessly manage product updates. Your customers get notified when you have updated your product and are notified to download the newer versions.
Arguably the best shopping cart software on the market. Rich with features (returns, recurring payments, etc) and optimized for online businesses.
Some argue that Samcart is even better than Thrivecart. Obviously, it has some die-hard fans.
A new contender in the shopping cart market with great features and an exciting roadmap.

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