Quizzes And Surveys Tools

They let you capture more leads via surveys and quizzes while giving you the tools you need to analyze the survey data that you collected.

Because they give you everything you need for the first step of starting your online business which is analyzing your market and figuring out what your customers want. Without this, you are just shooting in the dark and praying for luck.

Bucket is the gold standard for building marketing quizzes with the goal of generating segmented leads. It let’s you build a complete quiz funnel starting with a welcome page, followed by quiz questions that lead the quiz taker to one of multiple outcome pages based on their answers, using branching logic. It has everything to survey your market, analyze the data, and segment the generated leads.
Interact has more template than any other Quiz platform.
Quizzes, Calculators, Assessments, and Polls. Probably the only tool that lets you build online calculators (e.g. mortgage calculators).
Very strong on quiz creation steps, branching logic, scoring logic, and supports multiple types of questions. However, it falls short on the before and after parts of a quiz (i.e. the landing page that entices people to take the quiz in the first place, and the quiz outcome pages and follow-ups).
Another popular online quiz builder.
Quizzes, Surveys and Polls builder (weak on branching logic, but super easy to setup and get going).
A quiz builder plugin for WordPress. Build, launch and analyze your quiz results directly in your WordPress site. This plugin gives so much flexibility and makes launching quizzes a breeze for anyone running a WP site.
A great tool to collect feedback with a built-in reward system for completing feedback (weak on custom branding).
Enterprise Survey builder.

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