How To Bring Your Business Online

If you’ve been trying to build an online business, read all the books, done all the courses and yet feel stuck, well, you’re not alone.

After supporting hundreds of online entrepreneurs getting traction with their online businesses, I discovered that the root cause of why most people fail online is lack of context.

People simply don’t have access to the big picture.

And that’s because nobody ever shows them the big picture.

They’re only getting “one piece of the puzzle” at a time, only to find out that their actual results are dependent on the ”next thing.”

As a result, they don’t see how an online business works end-to-end. There are lots of missing pieces and blind spots in their knowledge.

So they end up spinning their wheels wasting time and money to learn the next new marketing method or buy the next new tech tool with no idea of where it would fit in the big picture of their online business to make a difference.

If the foundation is not in place nothing will help.

In a nutshell, online business success hinges on:

  1. A market with the right size and competition
  2. A clear understanding of what that market needs
  3. A viable offer that the market needs immediately
  4. One effective traffic source
  5. A funnel that connects the traffic source to the offer
  6. Marketing and optimization

Everything you do online has to link directly to one of the steps above while making sure that the rest are also in place and functioning well.

You need to bring context into the marketing that you do and the tech tools that you use for your online business.

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