A list of my articles published on where I write about my experiences in starting and operating a software company.

How To Find The Right Tech Business Partners
[Published on Medium] Finding the right tech business partners can be one of the most difficult tasks for an entrepreneur. Here are some archetypes to watch out for.

How To Learn Coding Fast
[Published on Medium] The one secret that revealed to me how to learn coding fast even if it seemed complicated and impossible.

What No One Tells You About Becoming An Entrepreneur
[Published on Medium] What you need to know about becoming an entrepreneur especially if you are coming from the world of employment.

The Ultra Light Startup
[Published on Medium] What makes a tech startup different from a regular business? Here are the differences based on my experience with startups and investors.

No One Wants Another App
[Published on Medium] These days everyone wants to build software apps like it’s the new gold rush. But what does everyone miss when building apps?

Should Entrepreneurs Learn How To Code?
[Published on Medium] To code or not to code. It’s the modern tech entrepreneur’s dilemma. Here’s what I think based on my experience of starting a tech company.

How Fast Can Apps Be Built?
[Originally published on DTK Men, Summer 2016 Issue, Pages 118, 119] The way people make software has changed over the years, advancing as new technology becomes available. One thing has stayed the same, the phases developers go through to build software for their customers. Until now…

Why Does Enterprise Software Suck?
[Published on Medium] The User Experience (UX) of any software application is paramount. So why do we see horrible UX in most enterprise business applications? And how come vendors can get away with charging millions for software that is excruciating to use?

Mind Share
[Published on Medium] Keeping your developers engaged in your development platform will likely determine how successful your company can be. The reason is simple: Losing developers is a platform killer…

What Comes After Agile?
[Published on Medium] Software development has changed over the years and the methodologies used have changed along with it, advancing as new tools become available. Imagine sitting with the customer and building software in real-time, getting immediate feedback and making changes on the fly.