Funnel Mapping Tools

Optimization and the big picture are the two biggest components of online business success. And if you had a dashboard that lets you see all the moving pieces at once, it will be a game-changer. Well, this is exactly what these tools are for.

As I mentioned in many articles, the reason most people fail to build successful online businesses is because they fail to see the big picture and all the moving parts at once. There are simply too many blind spots. Funnel mapping tools solve this problem. They let you see the big picture, and they give you all the analytics that you need to figure out where are the bottlenecks so you can address them.

Visualize and collaborate on funnels. You can also measure the traffic flowing through it and view other analytics in real-time.
Visualize and analyze your online funnels in real-time.
Visualize and analyze your online funnels in real-time.
An all-in-one visual funnel builder that also has built in email marketing, course builder, and webpage builder. Still in it’s early stages as a platform but worth checking out.

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