Automate Your Marketing With Chatbots

What Chatbots Do

These tools have so many uses. But the most prominent is that they allow you to capture leads on your site while you sleep. They also help you talk to your customers in real-time and understand what they want better. Not to mention that they can be used for all kinds of customer support issues especially when you are not online. The chatbot will simply capture your customer’s question so you can answer it later when you have time.


  • Live Chat
  • Messenger Automation Bots
  • Website Automation Bots

How They Fit In Your Online Business

These tools fit in 3 stages of your end-to-end online business.

  1. Understand Your Market: You can use the opportunity to talk to your customers and understand their problems. People scratch their heads to try and find potential customers to talk to online, so when they come to you on their own you don’t want to let this opportunity slip away.
  2. Funnel: Because chatbots let you capture leads (emails) they serve as an additional resource on top of your lead capture form to grow your email list.
  3. Marketing and Optimization: Chatbots help you to Market all sorts of things. When someone comes to your landing page, your chatbot can fire up with an alert to your latest offer or announcement. And in the case of Facebook Messenger, you can send broadcast messages (or even drip campaigns and newsletters to your Facebook Messenger subscribers).

Why I Like These Tools

Conversion rates (e.g. It’s hard to ignore a Facebook message). It has been proven that conversion rates of bots are much higher than email (A recent figure I’ve seen is open rates of 70% v.s. 3% to that of email).

If I had to pick only one tool in this category:

Active Chat:
My vote goes to Active Chat. A Powerful and flexible bot builder with Natural Language Processing (NLP) abilities. Includes LiveChat and FB messenger bots.

More chatbot tools to check…


  • Quriobot:
    Visual bot builder for websites (FB messenger bots available soon)
  • Segmate: 
    FB messenger visual bot builder and marketing platform
  • Jumper:
    Automate selling on social media via FB bots
  • Botletter:
    FB messenger newsletters
  • Paldesk:
    Paldesk is a powerful live chat and helpdesk software that helps businesses offer superior customer service to visitors through multiple channels. The most popular ones include Webchat, Mobile Applications (SDK), Email, Facebook, Twitter, Viber. Built on top of a robust customer helpdesk and ticketing software, Paldesk integrates with your most popular customer communication channels.

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