About Me

Hi, Abe here.

I’m a software engineer turned entrepreneur

Welcome to my site!


When I turned into entrepreneurship and started building software products, I had to learn how to market and sell them which was an entirely new paradigm shift for me. But I had to master it because my entire future depended on my ability to sell what I was building.

In the process of learning, I ran into some difficulties:

  • It was extremely hard to see the big picture. There was so much information out there and none of it showed me where to even start or how it fit in the big picture. There was always something missing.
  • Everyone seemed to be over complicating things. To the point that I did not even think it was possible for me to get anything done on my own.

I’m an advocate for simplicity in everything. Constantly trying to simplify complex tech ideas to make them easier to understand and to learn.

People find technical concepts hard to understand because they tried to learn it from people who don’t know how to teach it.

I started this site to keep track of my AHA moments and what I was learning. And to also help those who are at their beginning stages starting an online business. Anyone who might be overwhelmed, confused or struggling while trying to figure out what they need to do to sell a product or service online.

I live by the mantra “Less is more”.

Happy that you stumbled in.

This is the way!