by Abe Challah


A few things about me:

Thing #1 – I’m still exploring the world.

Thing #2 – I make a living as a software entrepreneur

Thing #3 – I love publishing. Back when I was in school, I wanted to start my own magazine, but that didn’t quite work out. So many years later,  I started this blog as an attempt to make up for it by writing about my adventures in travel and my misadventures in entrepreneurship.

Thing #4 – I also love journaling and started a project based on my experience, to design the ideal journal for entrepreneurs who are trying to start a tech company to help them build the habits, focus on the right things and follow the steps necessary to make it all work.

I write about my journaling project here.

I write about how I do things, what works and what doesn’t here.

I write about things that inspire me, things that annoy me and all the A-HA moments along the way here.

This is the Instagram Page that goes with this site.


P.S. Here’s what I’m doing now.