by Abe Challah


I’m an explorer at heart. But I’m also building a business that I’m passionate about.

To be able to live a combined lifestyle of adventure and entrepreneurship, I learned that I need to do things a little different. Leverage goes a long way and time is scarce. Not to mention all the forces (and people) that stand in the way along this path.

I learned (the hard way) to pick the pieces that work and throw away the rest. Finding the right nuggets of wisdom, efficiency, tools, processes and hacks makes all the difference.

I love journaling and I started a project to design the ideal journal for helping others (who are on the same path) to build the habits and follow the steps necessary to make it all work.

Through this blog, I’m documenting my journey, my projects and everything else that happens along the way.

I write about the my journaling project here.

I write about the tools and processes I use here.

I write about things that inspire me, things that annoy me and all the A-HA moments along the way here.


P.S. Here’s what I’m doing now.