The Most Valuable Business Asset You Can Create

The most valuable asset you can ever create for your business is your list of contacts.

There, I said it.

Everything else derives from your list of contacts.

These are your current customer, your potential customers, and your dream customers.

For most people running an online-based business, this translates (but it’s not limited to) your emails list.

Whenever I talk to business owners and ask them if they have an email list, I get an answer around those lines, “Why would I EVER want an email list? I don’t have the time and my clients aren’t the type who open and read marketing emails!”

Yet, most business owners who have websites are only interested in getting more page views… And for some reason, they keep asking about SEO and their site ranking as if this is the magic that makes a business succeed online.

So what’s going on here?

To put this in perspective, page views are like window shoppers. Customers who walk into your store, then walk out. And you may never see them again. Yes, one of those visitors may buy from you, but that’s just a mere 3% (at best) from all visitors. Even those who buy may never come back and buy a second time.

But, what if everyone who walked into your store handed you their phone number before they walked out? Now you can contact that person and remind them of the sale you will make a month from now. If they had liked what they bought from you, they may come back for the sale.

Even if they did not buy from you the first time, they may still come to check the sale and they may buy the second time around.

In 2005, the Guinness World Book of Records listed the Greatest Salesman ever.

He was a car dealer, who averaged 6 new car sales per day.

His competition averaged less than 6 sales per month! How was he able to do this?

He proactively communicated with his customers by sending them each 1 piece of mail and email each month. And, in doing so, he was in those customers’ minds 12 times each year. They remembered him, talked about him, and kept coming back.

That’s what you’re essentially doing by building an email list. You are building an ever-growing pool of potential customers which you can tap into on-demand.

From that point onward, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to better engage and gain trust, then market your products and services to the people on your list.

And the best part is you can do that whenever you want and from wherever you are.

This may seem ridiculously obvious, But what shocks me is the number of people (including SAAS founders) making the “build it and they will come” mistake.

Instead of building their email list, they’re focusing on pointless things like social media… SEO…more page views…TRAFFIC for the sake of traffic with no strategy of capturing this traffic.

Few people get this and understand how useful and powerful it can be, but they still hesitate because they don’t know where to start or because they get overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done. They lack focus because they lack a plan.

Or they think that their customers are not the kind who will open their emails and read their content.

Well, it’s because they don’t know how to write powerful and engaging emails with headlines that POP in a way that they cannot be left unopened. There are many resources that can help in creating the engaging content to put in those emails.

Others say they don’t have the time to write such emails. Well, that’s why there are tools like auto-responders. Which send pre-written emails on their behalf at predetermined times while they sleep. They can have expert copywriters prepare those emails and set up their auto-responder campaigns.

I think at this time and age email lists are more valuable than gold. And they are important in every field and every profession. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, writers, musicians, store owners, the list can go on and on.

Those lists are the key to building a loyal audience with an open communication channel for you to build trust.

“Your greatest business asset is your audience. It’s the universe of people who are paying attention to what you have to say. Why do we create content? Because that’s what the audience wants from us. They want interesting, informative things to read, listen to, or watch. They want something that makes them look smarter for sharing it. And they want to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.”

— Sonia Simone, Copyblogger


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