Survey And Quiz Tools

What They Do

They let you capture more leads via surveys and quizzes while giving you the tools you need to analyze the survey data that you collected.

How They Fit In Your Online Business

These tools fit in 2 places of your end-to-end online business.

  1. Market Analysis Stage: They provide a way for you to collect data from your market.
  2. Understand The Market Stage: They also let you analyze and make sense of the data that you collected.
  3. Funnel Stage: You can create a complete survey and quiz funnels.

Why I Like These Tools

Because they give you everything you need for the first step of starting your online business which is analyzing your market and figuring out what your customers want. Without this, you are just shooting in the dark and praying for luck.

If I had to pick only one tool in this category:

My vote goes to Bucket. It has everything to survey your market, analyze the data and also build segmentation funnels. It’s also a very powerful quiz builder with sophisticated branching logic.

More survey and quiz tools to check…

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