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Power Up Your Website

Hi, I’m Abe. Welcome to my homepage.

Websites can do ordinary things, like visiting links.

Example: click this link to know more about me.

But really, who cares about that?

Websites can also be powerful machines that run your entire business and give you unfair advantages over your competitors.

I took advantage of what’s possible and turned mine into a platform that manages my entire business.

And now my visitors can do all the following on my site:

  1. Schedule appointments
  2. Start video conferences
  3. Log into your client portal and access private files.
  4. Subscribe to my membership area for exclusive content.
  5. Buy and download digital content from me.
  6. Buy a service from my Services Store.
  7. Buy tickets to one of my events from my Events Store.
  8. Buy something from my Online Store.
  9. Take one of my online surveys.
  10. Collaborate on a project with me. You will be able to create tasks, upload files, participate in discussions and more.

Here’s how I did it.

If you want to know how to turn your personal or business website into a powerful machine, Download my action guide where I explain exactly how to do this.

Your customers will not just be impressed, they will love doing business with you.

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