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Power Up Your Business Course

Part 1: Take A Close Look At Your Business
 Here’s What Your Business Is Missing Out On
Here’s Where Your Website Is Failing
Questions Every Business Site Owner Must Ask
Do People Hate Working With Your Business
Do You Still Use Excel To Run Your Business
Software Apps Don’t Work In Isolation

Part 2: You Think You’ve Got It All Figured Out?
What Traditional Businesses Use. You Can Do Better
What Is Missing From your Business Technology Stack
Software Apps That Every Business needs

Part 3: It’s Up To You. You Are The Hero
What Kind Of Leader Are You
Dream It Up
 You Can’t Afford To Compete
Turn Your Business Systems Into Software
It’s Impossible For It not To Work
Be The Hero Who Solves Problems For Your Business

Part 3: Let Your Business Stand Out
 A smarter way to run your business
Turn Your Website Into A Software App
Your Business Must Have Technology Stack
Client Portals

Part 5: Discovery – Get Found
 The Who And The Where (tech)
 The Tools For Discovery

Part 6: Outreach – Build Your Customer Database
Using Direct Sales To Build Your List

Part 7: Amplify – Power Up Your Business
Use Tech To Scale Your Business
Architectures That Drive Traffic To Your Site
How To Reach Escape Velocity
Creating Recurring Revenue for Tech Agencies
How To Scale An Agency
Agency To Startup
Systems To Reach Escape Velocity

Part 8: Case Studies
Using Direct Sales To Build Your List
How To Power Up A Yoga Business
How To Power Up A Clothing Store


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