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The One Thing Everyone Gets Wrong About Building Apps

Everyone I talk to these days has an idea for a software product or a web application. They dream of how it will work and how it will make them rich and famous.

But they all miss something very important right from the start.

And that thing is:

Nobody wants another app.

Think about it. Do you wake up wanting to sign up for another software product online?

What people really want is having their problems solved and their pain go away.

But why build an App to accomplish that?

At this stage, you may have an idea of what your customer pain really is but you haven’t figured out an optimal way to solve it. 

Instead, why not do paid work for one person or get one person to be your customer. Then get a second, and then another… likely in a service job where people want to pay you already. You can even do this for free. This is also called consulting.

When you get to the point when you AND your customers agree on the optimal way for the problem to be solved including all the nitty-gritty details and parameters you know that you’ve nailed a good solution for the problem.

Over time you’ll build a product website based on whatever it is you are doing repetitively.

And when you get to the point where you can’t handle more customers because the current ones are taking all your time, then you know its a good time to build another app.

Only after getting overwhelmed with helping others, you can create a product to replace you.


Instead of building an app right away, try doing the service. Only when you can’t handle the number of customers manually should you then create the product. Do the 1 on 1 until you cannot do it anymore.

That’s when you know it’s time to build another App.

Don’t be the one who builds yet another app that no one wants!

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