The Beginning


It all started in a tiny hotel room in Tokyo when I took off for the summer to figure out how to start working for myself. I had been reading several books and blogs during the months that preceded this trip to the point where I was starting to suffer from information overload. I started putting down all the ideas I had and the notes I gathered together on paper in the same place. Thoughts and notes that were once floating in isolation started to come together and form a pattern, and a path started to emerge.

Backtracking for a bit. I had always loved writing and taking notes since I was little. I would buy notebooks, journals, leather covers from almost every place I traveled to. But I never put any of it heavily into use. I was more of a collector.


Meet The Author

I’m an entrepreneur and explorer. I write about things that inspire me, things that annoy me and things that I’m working on. I love journals, and think that any self respecting explorer should have one. click here for more.

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